Casa Santo António Britiande

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Casa Santo António Britiande

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Casa Santo António Britiande

Dedicação à Natureza

Casa Santo António Britiande

Dedicação à Natureza

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Casa de Santo António de Britiande


Respect for nature is the driving force at Casa de Santo António. We not only strive to preserve and publicise the characteristic flora of the area but we have also classified all the birds on the estate through the project “Discover the birds in your garden” promoted by SPEA – The Portuguese Society for the Study of Birds. SPEA identified 26 different species around the House.


Within the property itself guests of Casa de Santo António de Britiande are invited to take part in activities that are conducive to rest and relaxation and to enjoy their contact with nature in an environment of peace and quiet.



  • Agricultural activities (picking almonds, cherries, raspberries, apples and pears);
  • Walks in the gardens and the woods;
  • Bike rides;
  • A visit to the Chapel;
  • Swimming in the pool in the Lavender Garden;
  • Bird watching;
  • Wine-tasting;
  • Tasting regional specialities (bôlas, sausages and cheeses);
  • Meals by the pool;
  • Dinner by the fireside.


Activities in the Region

  • Visits:
    • Museu do Douro;
    • Museu do Côa;
    • Quintas in the two Demarcated Regions - Douro and Távora-Varosa;
    • Port wine and sparkling wine lodges;
    • Viewpoints;
    • Medieval Monuments;
    • Wine-growing villages;
    • Traditional villages – Mazes and Anta;
  • Picnics in the surrounding hills;
  • Boat rides and cruises on the River Douro (with or without on-board meals);
  • Train rides;
  • ATV rides;
  • Fishing;
  • Shooting;
  • Taking part in the wine vintage (September and October).

Cister Wine Route

Discover the lavish marriage between nature and history that the Route of the Cistercian Vineyards has to offer.

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